Freeze those moments of your life in a frame of your dreams…… And find that frame at Studio7RK

The beautiful journey of life – the victories, the emotions, the joys, the celebration, the fun, the happiness, the giggles, the chuckles – the moments when your heart jumps up, your mind celebrates and your soul sings a song …….
We at Studio 7RK believe that a photograph is not just about a picture, it is not about print quality or technical finesse. It’s a simple term – FREEZE THE FEEL.
At Studio 7 RK, believe photography is not looking and clicking – it is feeling and preserving. It is an art that captures the special moments of life- the times when you write and cannot erase, where you can play, but cannot rewind –except through the eyes of a camera that feels.
From the wedding where you tie the knot with your angel / the man of your dreams, the beautiful journey through maternity awaiting the soft touch of your little one, the beautiful bubbly baby moments when you hold a slice of Heaven in your hands to corporate events where your business roller coaster starts off……
Hand it to Studio 7RK , to capture the moments you cherish so much – moments that you would love going back too.
Come to Studio 7RK. We will wrap your golden moments in photographs that you will rewind, to take the lovely trips down memory lane.